Welcome to the website of Lebenshilfe Duisburg (counseling center). You will find a quick overview of some of our services here. 

Lebenshilfe Duisburg

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The All-Inclusive Day Care Facility

Counseling services can be  provided in German or English. For other languages, please bring an interpreter with you to your appointment. 

Lebenshilfe Duisburg gGmbH (Counseling Center)

Lebenshilfe Heilpädagogische Sozialdienste gemeinnützige GmbH (curative education public social services) organizes various services and therapy selections for children, adolescents and adults with or without disabilities in Duisburg. The services are determined based on the requirements of the respective individual. 

These offers are designed to enable these individuals to live independently to the highest extent possible. Therefore, optimal assistance usually begins during early childhood.

The curative education social services do not exclude any impairments or disabilities from the offers and services. The transition in children are seamless, for example, between mental disabilities, impaired development and underdevelopment.

As an advocate and lobbyist, the social services for people with disabilities assists with asserting their interests and legal entitlements. Parents and other family members have a contact partner for their concerns and counseling, as well as support in claiming diverse services.

The curative education social services provide  and operate diverse services and facilities in Duisburg; ranging from early childhood development, assistance for children and adolescents and daycare centers up to school age, occupational therapy and daily assistance, as well as outpatient assisted living, management and administrative services in the facility (management, financial and payroll tasks, human resources and accounting, switchboard, general administration as well as project development) at the service center at  Mülheimer Straße in Duisburg-Neudorf.

Detailed information is available on our website in the service area.

All services provided by the “Lebenshilfe“ are integrated in networks. This includes the support processes of other carriers and services. Quality management is of course provided.

The “Lebenshilfe Heilpädagogische Sozialdienste gemeinnützige GmbH” was founded in 1992. The Lebenshilfe Duisburg e.V. is the sole proprietor. 

Mission Statement

  1. We support and assist people with and without disabilities.
    1. Historically developed, as experts in working with mentally disabled people we have expanded our service programs and made ourselves available to new target groups.
  2. We treat each other with respect.
    1. Honest, enlightening, open, empathetic and respectful interaction is exercised at all times; regardless of origin, ideology, gender, age and social status.
    2. We are working with, and for the people at eye-level. 
  3. We represent openness and transparency.
    1. We always provide current and timely information regarding our services and work to individuals seeking assistance, our employees, our donors and the public.
    2. We handle the resources assigned to us in an effective and efficient manner.
  4. We provide assistance for self-help.
    1. We offer protection and structure, promote and secure independence, responsibility, as well as the right to self-determination.
    2. We create opportunities to preserve and expand the quality of life and independence in the family, school, career and society to the highest extent possible. 
  5. We assist and provide counseling in all areas and life-situations. 
    1. We look at all requests as a positive challenge.
    2. We provide continuous education and qualifying training to ensure our staff’s competency.
    3. Lebenshilfe e.V., Heilpädagogische Sozialdienste gGmbH, Betreuungsverein e.V., Foundation of Lebenshilfe.
  6. We are working with networks and discretely.
    1. In an effort to offer and guarantee the best possible support, we collaborate with the most diverse cooperation partners’ hand–in-hand. Data protection and confidentiality is our MAIN concern. 

We, includes everyone implementing the goal of Lebenshilfe Duisburg.
Chairman, Executive Management and all staff of the association, the gGmbH, the foundation and the Betreuungsverein (care association).

Counseling Center

We at Lebenshilfe Duisburg rely on providing “assistance for self-help“; we advise people from all walks of life in this aspect and provide support for their independence.

The services provided by the counseling center primarily address people with disabilities in all age groups, as well as their parents, foster parents, family members, friends and care providers or legal guardians.

We are especially happy to be able to provide our professional assistance, tips and information free of charge, and if requested, within the home environment so we can offer an opportunity to participate to as many people as possible. 


Counseling Focuses

  • Counseling with regard to disability insurance benefits, such as disability compensation, nursing care services and preventive care.  
  • Integration assistance in the areas of kindergarten, school, interaction in social settings (leisure time), career/occupation and residence.
  • Handicapped-ID and the diverse disadvantage compensations.
  • Nursing care, and aid, support and therapy options.
  • Information about (free) leisure time and interactive activities, discounts or respective financing options.  
  • Current and new statutory regulations.
  • Other topics, such as inclusion, group training, personal budget, assisted living, legal guardianship, early development or family assistance...  


Service and Assistance with


  • Applications for disability benefits and the handicapped ID,
  • Determination of nursing care and support volume,
  • Services for basic income, child allowance, accommodation expenses and additional requirements ,
  • Preparation for the assessment by MDK and Medicproof pursuant to new nursing care guidelines (effective 01/01/2017).

We are happy to assist you personally during our open forum hours, on Wednesday 9:30 AM – 12:00 AM 

Counseling Center 

Lebenshilfe Heilpädagogische Sozialdienste gemeinnützige GmbH

Mülheimer Str. 200

47057 Duisburg 

or via telephone

0203 – 280 999 76

Of course, you can also schedule an appointment with us. Please contact the person below via telephone during our open forum hours, or any time via e-mail:

Dagmar Marchoud

Telephone 0203-280 999 76

Fax: 0203-280 999 19

e-mail: d.marchoud@lebenshilfe-duisburg.de

Consulting services are available in German or English language. For other languages, please bring an interpreter to your appointment.

You may also support our work by making a donation.


Donation account:

Lebenshilfe Heilpädagogische Sozialdienste gGmbH

Sparkasse Duisburg

IBAN DE 35 3505 0000 0200 2108 21


Volksbank Rhein Ruhr eG

IBAN  DE 67 3506 0386 1106 1800 08


Educational Guidance (EB)

The path to independence is not always easy and may pose great challenges for adolescents. The educational guidance program offered by Lebenshilfe Duisburg can be of assistance.

If referred by the Youth Welfare Authority, adolescents can receive external assistance for addressing their individual questions and overcoming personal issues. 

The reasons may include difficulties in family or social settings, such as dysfunctions in family life, parent’s separation, low self-esteem or conflicts at school or work overshadowing daily life.

The Lebenshilfe Duisburg assists adolescents in handling personal development processes. Strong emphasis will be placed on the social environment in an effort to adapt the family relationship and association in an age and development-appropriate manner.

The Task Contents may include

  • Assistance with developing individual capabilities and skills  
  • Handling crises-related life-situations 
  • Defining focus points, preparing individual future perspectives 
  • Assistance with handling conflict situations


  • Establishing assistance networks
  • Developing sensible and independent  leisure time activities 
  • Establishing self-esteem 

Our staff (m/f) is trained in diverse social professions (multi-professional team) and works according to the Lebenshilfe Duisburg‘s mission statement

Based on our tradition, we possess a wide range of expertise in working with disabled individuals. We are applying this multi-level experience to offer our services to all citizens (m/f) and families. 

Youth and Family Assistance

Educational Guidance Assistance for Families

Raising a child is a challenge parents’ encounter on daily basis; the family assistance program offered by Lebenshilfe Duisburg can help.

If referred by the Youth Welfare Authority, parents can receive external support for working on solutions of their individual issues and finding a path to conquer personal difficulties.

The family assistance program offered by Lebenshilfe Duisburg takes the capabilities and resources of the family and all family members into consideration and provides individualized support. Assistance is planned collaboratively. 

The Task Contents may include:

  • Counseling and suggestions for child-rearing questions as well as skill-oriented support of the children  
  • Preparing a daily structure tailored to the family’s requirements 
  • Assistance in working with the authorities, agencies, educational and health facilities 
  • Promoting communication within the family  
  • Assistance with handling conflict situations 


  • Establishing confidence with parenting issues 
  • Developing assistance networks 
  • Strengthening families
  • Promoting independence 

Our staff (m/f) is trained in diverse social professions (multi-professional team) and works according to the Lebenshilfe Duisburg‘s mission statement.

Based on our tradition, we possess a wide range of expertise in working with disabled individuals. We are applying this multi-level experience to offer our services to all citizens (m/f) and families.

Family Stabilization Assistance 

Handling everyday life may be a challenge for families. The family stabilization assistance program offered by Lebenshilfe Duisburg can help.

If referred by the Youth Welfare Authority, families can receive external support for re-stabilizing the family system. Lebenshilfe Duisburg emphasizes on the respective needs and skills of the family to provide assistance for self-help. 

Family stabilization assistance can be utilized in addition to social education assistance for families, or subsequent assistance referred by the Youth Welfare Authority. 

The Task Contents may include:

  • Seeking external contacts and programs in the residential environment and assisting in participation,
  • Preparing and maintaining a daily and/or household structure,
  • Assuring that the legal guardian ensures nutrition suitable for children, 
  • Support and assistance in contacting the authorities, agencies, educational and health facilities.


  • Stabilizing resources
  • Developing and/or strengthening self-organizational skills  
  • Stabilizing the family system

Our staff (m/f) have diverse educational backgrounds work according to the Lebenshilfe Duisburg‘s mission statement.

Based on our tradition, we possess a wide range of expertise in working with disabled individuals. We are applying this multi-level experience to offer our services to all citizens (m/f) and families.

Day Care Centers

“It is our mission to allow children to discover themselves, not to shape them.”  

This philosophy by Maria Montessori is dear to our hearts and defines our daily mindset and actions. The primary focus of our work is always the integral support of the children in their actions, educational, performance and learning abilities.

We ensure that the children are able to develop freely in our establishment and receive the support based on their personal affinities. The individual development stage, as well as the families’ cultural and ethical orientation is equally taken into consideration.

We are aware: each child is different, each child has its own special skill-sets which need to be encouraged and promoted.

Therefore we always strive to provide the best possible and individual support to our protégés in an effort to optimally develop, define and support the childlike nature, personality and identity. We care for children with and without special needs from birth up to school age  in an all-inclusive manner. Only the “Waldwichtel” accepts children from the age of 2-years old.

Our Daycare Centers:

  • The all-inclusive daycare and family center “Waldwichtel“ in Duisburg-Buchholz.
  • The educational-inclusive daycare and family center “TAUSENDFÜSSLER“ in Duisburg-Meiderich.
  • The all-inclusive daycare center “Wunderland“ in Duisburg-Wanheim.
  • The all-inclusive daycare and family center “Abenteuerland“ in Duisburg-Marxloh. 

What offers are available to you?

  • Individual acclimatization
  • Staff trained in education and curative education 
  • Group sessions for children with and without special needs under the age of  3 – Novum for Duisburg
  • Tasty breakfast and warm balanced lunch with consideration of cultural and ethnic aspects 
  • 35and 45 booking hours per week
  • Family-friendly opening and closing hours 
  • Language- and mobility development
  • Professional counseling provided by cooperation partners
  • Integral, inclusive educational offers
  • Individual development in small groups 
  • Interdisciplinary therapies
  • Special projects e.g. experiments, pre-school group, health and nature days, animal-supported education 
  • Education documentation for each individual child, portfolio work 
  • Intensive cooperation with the family’s system, e.g. including support with child-rearing questions/discussions, sitting in on classes and parties. 

With the exception of Wunderland, the daycare centers are family centers as well, more specifically, they are contact partners for the entire family in numerous different areas. They offer counseling and support for the following focus points:

  • Children and Families
    • Child-rearing and family counseling
    • Referral to counseling as needed
    • Counseling regarding health and mobility support for parents and children
    • Language development for children       
  • Family Education and Child-Rearing Partnership
    • Parent events addressing educational subjects
    • Parent café
    • Parents-children activities
    • Family excursions
    • Intercultural events and activities
  • Day Care
    • Initial consultation and referral to contact partners at the Youth Welfare Authority 
    • Informational events about daycare subjects
    • Advising interested parties how to obtain qualifications for becoming a daycare provider  and where
  • Compatibility of Career/Occupation and Family
    • Care provisions for children from birth to school age 
    • Advice on before/after school care 
    • Referring babysitters

How to proceed?


Please contact us via telephone if you are interested in a daycare space, or if you have questions regarding our family centers. We look forward to provide information or schedule a personal appointment to visit our facility and schedule an admission meeting.

Effective May 5, 2017 you can also register your child for a daycare space on the waiting list at the internet page kitaplatz.duisburg.de of the city of Duisburg and list our daycare centers as your preferred KITA (daycare facility). We strongly recommend that you register.

For all children with special need who are in need of an integral or curative education space, we require a referral from the Institut für Jugendhilfe (Youth Welfare Institute).

According to statutory guidelines only special needs children residing in Duisburg are eligible to reserve a space. 

The daycare spaces for regular children are open to children from other cities at any time. 

The costs are subject to your income and are defined in the bylaws of the Duisburg Youth Welfare Authority.  

  • Kita "Waldwichtel", Am Hauweg 8a, 47249 Duisburg, Tel. 0203 72 999 062    
  • Kita "TAUSENDFÜSSLER", Wiesbadener Straße 82-84, 47138 Duisburg, Tel. 0203 42 08 32
  • Kita “Wunderland“, Am Gebrannten Heidgen 83, 47249 Duisburg, Tel. 0174 6955349
  • Kita “Abenteuerland“ Diesterwegstraße 1-3, 47169 Duisburg, Tel. 01775846164

Executive Management for the Kitas

E-Mail: d.winter@lebenshilfe-duisburg.de

We look forward to advise you. Please schedule an appointment with us.